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Speed Queen Laundry

Speed Queen Washers & Dryers in Burkburnett, TX

Invest in Dependability with Washers & Dryers Built to Last 25 Years

Speed Queen manufactures commercial grade washers and dryers for home use. Complete loads and loads of laundry with durable, American-made, steel washers and dryers. Choose between electronic or manual control options. 

Every Speed Queen appliance is built to provide over two decades of service in your home or business and comes backed by warranty.

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5 Reasons to Choose Speed Queen

Speed Queen Washers & Dryers in Burkburnett, TX

    Durable Manufacturing: Speed Queen washers and dryers are built with commercial-quality metal, making them stronger and longer lasting than plastic appliances offered by competitors. All laundry machines are carefully designed and field tested with over 180 engineers at work creating the highest quality commercial dryers and washers for your home.

    Long Lasting Performance: Speed Queen washers and dryers provide 25 years of clothes washing and drying performance, so you don't need to worry about finding a new appliance in a few years or even a decade.

    Washing Power: You expect your washer to provide you with a deep clean and that's what Speed Queen washers provide. Washers are designed to thoroughly wash your clothes without damaging them load after load. The stainless steel wash tub is gentle on fabric while the technology behind your top load or front load washer or is trough on grime.

    Drying Power: Drying clothes is an art perfected by Speed Queen. All Speed Queen dryers are made to to achieve an ideal balance between temperature, airflow, and mechanical action. The heavy-duty fan and dry cycle work together to dry clothes with high efficiency, while advanced technology conserves energy and reduces unnecessary drying.

    Warranty Protection: Electronic and manually controlled washers and dryers come with a long lasting warranty on parts and in-home labor. Visit www.speedqueen.com for more information on warranty terms and conditions.

Speed Queen washers and dryers are manufactured in the USA with different options available, including stacked washers and dryers. Call (940) 569-2271 for more information on the selection of laundry appliances available at Hayes General Store, serving Burkburnett, TX, Wichita Falls, TX, Iowa Park, TX, and surrounding areas.

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